Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry gives young people a
chance to participate in  church life. 

 They develop their own faith and spirituality, share in their own talents, grow in life skills, develop a positive self image, serve others,  and build life long friendships  with peers, leaders and Jesus.

We are a little silly at times too!

Presbyterian Youth Triennium - Fun 4 days at Purdue 
University with over 5000 Presbyterian teens!  This conference is every 3 years.  




NBPC Performing the Life of Jesus skit
 at Smithfield Church of Christ 

Some of the many activities are offered to youth: unique bible lessons, mentoring from adult leaders, family fun nights, Vacation Bible School, Camp Lambec, local mission work, and fellowship with other youth groups in the area. 
Youth Group Grades - 1st-5th , 6th -8th grade and Sr. Youth Group 7th-12th grade

 Youth Schedule for 2023 


3/5 Youth Group Prayer Event @

Cranberry UPC @ 4pm-5:30 pm

3/11 Middle School Mini Lock In 6pm-10pm

3/11 High School Youth Lock In 10pm-8am

Thank you to everyone who came to our fundraiser!

Christmas Service project!  Singing to carols to our congregation members who can't come to church anymore.  


YouTube Video

If you would like more information about joining our youth group, please contact: Diana Mermon  or check out our her blog
Google:  BBP youth catch a fire of God

Check out some of our skits on facebook and you tube at New Bethlehem Presbyterian Church.   
Service Project at our church - cleaning up the 
outdoor Sanctuary 
Pittsburgh City of Champions 
Having fun doing our Service Projects
Kindness Day in Pittsburgh 

 Have you ever thought you aren't important to God? Pondered if God would ever use you to make the world a better place?  Luke 1:26-27 



Meaningful. Mobile. Music
Discover new bands, known artists and videos.  Record a shout out and upload your own stories.  Connect with people just like you.  Go to Itunes to download app. IT'S FREE!!!!.  Great app for teens!!
Cards for soldiers
         Sometimes you just gotta pray for others