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YOUTH ROCK - Our Pictures!

2015 Spiritual Warfare skit at Beaver County Choir Festival 
We love having fun at Halloween 

2015 Winter Jam concert silliness 
Pirate game with the boys celebrating coming home from  college
Car wash fundraiser 2014

So proud of Matt becoming an Eagle Scout that's 4 out of 5 so far.
So Proud of all the eagle scouts in our church

VBS - We are strong girls and Shane 

 Skit at camp about how much Jesus loves us

 Matt gets his Eagle.  Youth Group and boy scouts = Fabulous guys
Alex becomes an Eagle Scout 2013
NBPC Camp Counselors 2014

Mother's Day Service David and Goliath 

Sunday Youth group lunch and silliness
Winter Jam Concert
Winter Jam concert Selfie  
   Lambec's Got Talent Judges!  
 Go Pastor Randall, Nick, Diana and Marisa!

                Camp Lambec 2014 - Best camp ever
                       Get your car washed here! 

                              Service Project at McConnell's farm 

Some of the youth that performed at the Beaver County Choir festival in December - Life of Jesus skit

                                                Harvest Party 

             A Halloween Mystery Party - Poor Addison didn't choose wisely - no                                         silverware! 

                                              Girls selfies!  

                            Mystery Dinner - No Silverware sadly but fun
         2016 Seniors at Halloween

    Robbie and Gino spending some time with the Easter Bunny while volunteering at a pancake breakfast. 

                   Pastor Randall, Diana and Matt doing a bible lesson
                Alex enjoying the Bouncy house for Homecoming

               Robbie and Gino ... being well Robbie 

Man are we silly! 

Jr/Elem Yg at a Halloween hayride festival

Homecoming Hayride!  

Honoring our vets placing wreaths on their graves