About Us

By Miranda Syrko (2nd Grade)
Drawn by Maranda Syrko (2nd Grade)


New Bethlehem Church is a traditional Christian church. We are large enough to enjoy engaging and dynamic missions, worship, and programming for children, youth, and adults. And we are small enough to experience the warmth and authenticity of a real church family. Join us for worship this Sunday!


We recognize that Jesus Christ, alone, is Lord and offers the living water of a purposeful and fulfilling life. Our foundation is built on the redeeming grace and ministry of Jesus Christ, who is revealed in the Holy Bible. 



Mission Statement

Our mission is to joyfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to humbly serve our neighbors in His name.


Vision Statement

                                                Our vision is to:


                                                            Serve the Lord Jesus Christ by:

                                                            -Worshiping Him in spirit and in truth

                                                            -Enjoying community, support, and encouragement as a church family

                                                            -Equipping children, youth, and adults to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ through

                                                             dynamic ministries and programs


                                                            And to serve our neighbor in His name by:

                                                            -Sharing the good news of salvation in ways that bring transformation and renewal

                                                                       -Engaging in “hands on” ministry and mission

                                                                       -Welcoming all who are called to serve the Lord

                                                                       -Being Jesus’ arms and legs, hands and feet in our community




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