Faith and Discipleship Classes (Sunday School)

Faith and Discipleship (Sunday School) runs from September through June, beginning at 9:40am on Sunday mornings.  Classes are available from children in preschool to adults.  The Faith and Discipleship staff for the 2016-2017 Sunday School year is:
        Chair of Christian Education & Discipleship: Gwen Muetzel

Sunday School Superintendent:  Coralee Syrko

Assistant Superintendent:  Cindy Beatty

Our children and youth classes teach from a curriculum called "Reformation Press" by David C.Cook Publishing. Our curriculum is: geared for each particular grade and age level, fun to learn, and Biblically sound. 

Pre-K - K              Lisa Miller
Grades 1 – 2        Shirley Ceccarelli
Grades 3 – 4       Debbie Leeper
Grades 5 – 6       Amanda & Jeff Musgrave
Jr. – Sr. High     Diane Meanor

Adult Class: "True Believers"         Gwen Muetzel
Greetings from the “True Believers” adult Sunday school class. We will be concluding our study of the Old Testament. Why the Old Testament? I believe that God has called us to study the Old Testament books filled with history and prophecy, especially now with what is happening around us. The Israelites were warned of impending doom and I believe that this history is repeating itself and we need to know the truth of what most biblical scholars believe will be happening. Now we are not all gloom and doom, we do have fun, but in it, I believe that I am being called to teach these lessons. And we would love for you to join our class.

Adult Class: "Seed Sowers"             Facilitated by Ed Helms and Mary Clow
Seed Sowers Adult Class is continuing our study of The Gospel of John this year. We will begin our first class with a galloping review of the first 11 chapters and all are welcome. The following week we will pick up at the 12th chapter of John. Our format is simple, we read God’s Word, we discuss initial revelations from the scripture and we share multiple commentary perspectives. Coffee is always served.

Adult Class: "Truth Seekers"          Casey and Andrew Honess
"Our class will, once again, look more like a "book club" where we will collectively select a book to read, in class, and discuss in a laid back, informal setting. We try to understand a little more of who God is each week, and figure out what exactly His presence in our lives means for the daily grind we find ourselves in as we interact with the world He created. Join us in exploring the depths of God and His character and, finding the higher calling He leads us toward every day."