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Church Officers

2022 Directory of Church Officers

The Class of:






Bob Meanor

Coralee Syrko*

Mary Cary

Steve Leeper*

Mary Clow*

Bryan Beatty

Kent Schwarz

Jeanine McCaslin

Diana Spencer


Moderator of Session: Rev. Randall K. Clow                     Treasurer: Mary Ellen Oros

Clerk of Session: Diane Meanor                                           Corporation Chair: Bob Meanor


Personnel & Administration: Steve Leeper                        Buildings & Maintenance:   Bob Meanor 

Worship & Music: Coralee Syrko                                       Youth:  Diana Spencer

Christian Ed & Discipleship: Mary Clow                          Nominating:  Jeanine McCaslin

Mission & Evangelism: Kent Schwarz & Mary Cary          Stewardship & Finance:  Bryan Beatty


                                   Board of Deacons

Clint Litfin

Shane McCaslin

Susan Muller*


Judy Minton

Cal McConnell


Faith Grosso

Betty Schofield


Pat Csizmadia



Moderator:  Calvin McConnell                                                                  Secretary: Faith Grosso                                                                                 

Meeting Times
Our Session meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

Board of Deacons
Our Board of Deacons meet on the second Sunday of each month following worship.