Angel Keepers

Touched by an Angel
Be Part and Pave the Way for Another Baby Boom at New Bethlehem...
...About that baby boom, we wouldall love to see it happen again at New Bethlehem!  Since a part of our mission at New Bethlehem is to attract more of God's children
to join in the work and worship of Jesus Christ, we must be sensitive to the needs of these families and offer our service in providing a nurturing place for their children to learn about and grow in their undertsanding of the Trinity, one God, one Chirst, and one Holy spirit.  We must be united as the body of Christ to act on our opportunity to share the good news of Christ.  You can act by signing up to provide nursery care for children finishing Kindergarten and younger in the coming weeks by filling out a survey below, or contacting our church office.
The impact you can have one Sunday as an Angel Keeper...
  1. You may read a story from the Bible that a child has never heard which may lead to early seeds of faith in Christ and inspire the child's desire to hear more about God.
  2. You may teach them songs you treasure from your childhood but have been overshadowed by some of the modern praise music.  Young children thrive on simple music messages.
  3. You may show them how to play and share as Jesus commands.  There is an old saying: "How you talk to them is how they will learn to talk to others."  Jesus taught us all how respect and love one another.
  4. You may be surprised how deeply children desire to hear and know more about God.  Your own faith may be challenged and renewed as they struggle to know how big God really is and how much he loves us.
  5. You have a special gift that encourages crafts or imagination building.  Each of us has been given talents that God expects us to use for the building up of His kingdom.  It's time to bring in your gifts for a short time and allow the children to explore their own talents through you.
Thank you for taking your baptismal vows seriously and prayerfully considering being a part of the angel keepers team to provide for our health, both spiritually and physically, while our parents worship.
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2010 Nursery Angel Keepers Recruitment Form